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Compromise, empathy, Competitiveness and Social Responsibility

Grupo Andina is a group of Peruvian companies that incorporate advanced technology, in order to generate solutions for the agricultural market.

Grupo Andina began 40 years ago with the distribution of supplies in the mining sector. In 1993 (25 years ago), it started its activities in the agricultural sector.


To be a leading company that promotes the development and progress of the agricultural sector, providing effective solutions, through the elaboration, commercialization and innovation of a wide range of products for agriculture, adding value to its crops and becoming the strategic partner of the farmer and his community.


Promote the development of the agricultural sector by offering the community the best products for agriculture that maximize the productivity and quality of crops.
Manufacture of products for agricultural use, and packaging service. The purpose is to provide effective solutions to our clients, with the application of these products in different crops, to improve their production and satisfaction in the packaging service. Another area is the portfolio of agrochemical products we commercialize nationwide. We have ISO certification 9001, for more information click here.

It is dedicated to the manufacture of fertilizers. Has a granulation plant in Huachipa Lima, specially conditioned to develop physical mixtures and NPK in a single grain; and other phosphate fertilizer plant in Sechura-Piura.

Our values: Compromise, empathy, Competitiveness and Social Responsibility

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Company 100% Peruvian Capital.